Missing From the Top of the World





August 2001
Ralph with his girlfriend Linda Luzzicone
Both worked on 9/11 at the WTC #1 on the
105th Floor Cantor Fitzgerald

To us, Ralph was as tall as this mountain,
To the world, Ralph was one of the 9/11 victims
To us, Ralph was the world





Thank you for visiting Ralph’s website;

This site was set up in memory of our loving son whose life was so senselessly taken on 9/11/01 in NYC at the young age of 34 while working at the WTC Tower #1 for Cantor Fitzgerald as Vice-President Derivative Bonds.

Whenever you are in New York City, please visit the recently opened memorial Garden 9/11 Waterfalls. Ralph and his girlfriends name, Linda Luzzicone, are engraved on the North Tower Waterfall’s east side.

In the years hence, not a day has passed when we did not miss this loving child of ours and Stephan’s ‘little’ brother. We still receive letters and e-mails from his former school mates, friends and strangers alike who met or have had heard of Ralph.

We are proud of him the way he is being remembered by the people he touched in his short but productive life. We thank them and thank you for thinking of Ralph.


The Gerhardt Family.

I have written a book called ‘HotelBiz, A Memoir’ dedicated to Ralph. Please have a look at www.hotelbiz.com.

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